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Practice Information

Repeat Pescriptions

It is preferable that we receive your repeat prescription request in writing using our ‘repeat prescriptions request form’ which can be obtained from our reception or email You can also complete the form online by clicking here.  This helps to ensure that the correct medications are prescribed as requested. Please write clearly and give us AT LEAST 48 hours before collection.

As practice policy we are able to give 3 monthly prescriptions on most drugs if they are your regular medications. However there are some drugs are controlled and so we are unable to safely provide this service. For such medications you are required to see the doctor to ensure correct use and avoid potential abuse.


The surgery attempts to provide appointments for our patients on the same day. The aim of this is to allow all patients who urgently need medical help to be seen by either a doctor or nurse. In urgent situations you may be asked details of your problem to assist  this process.

Routine appointments may be made at reception for the doctor of your choice. However in occasions where the doctor of your choice is not available you may be asked to see another doctor. Routine appointments with the doctors or nurses can be made up to 4 weeks in advance. Our appointment slots are 10 minutes each. If you feel that your problem may require more than 10 minutes please inform reception staff so that adequate time may be assigned for you.

Making appointments for blood tests

The surgery provides a blood taking service to all its patients. This is primarily carried out by the nurses. Please make an appointment on Tuesdays to Fridays before 11 am for blood to be taken. In most circumstances it is desirable for the blood samples to be taken while fasting so please fast from the night before you attend for your blood to be taken.

Results often take about 7 working days  to come back. For some tests this waiting time is longer. Please remember to ring the surgery regarding your blood results as it is very difficult for us to follow up every blood sample taken. Leave your mobile number and we may be able to send you a simple text if your results are satisfactory.

Medical Students

We are also a designated teaching practice which involves having medical students from the University College Dublin (UCD) and The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). Occasionally, we may ask your permission for you to participate in their teaching programme. It is of great benefit for the students to learn from you in this way, but we will always respect your decision if you do not feel comfortable with this.


  • Confidentiality is the duty of a person to not disclose anything learned from a patient who has attended, consulted or been treated, without that person’s consent.
  • Confidentiality is the cornerstone of health care and central to the work of everyone working in general practice.
  • All information about patients is confidential: from the most sensitive diagnosis, to the fact of having visited the surgery or being registered at the practice.
  • The duty of confidentiality owed to a person under 16 is as great as the duty owed to any other person.
  • All patients can expect that their personal information will not be disclosed without their permission (except in the most exceptional circumstances when disclosure is required when somebody is at grave risk of serious harm).