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Flu Vaccine

Older people and people with chronic medical conditions are at greatest risk of getting the flu. Chronic medical conditions include chronic heart conditions, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes mellitus and those who have a low immune system. Influenza has more severe consequences in the elderly and people defined as being high risk. These groups of people are targeted for influenza vaccination.

Vaccination is a safe and effective way to prevent infection by flu and it is prepared every year using strains of the virus similar to those that are likely to be around in the next winter season.  The vaccine protects you for about one year and should be taken annually in September through to November to protect you for the coming winter season.

The flu vaccine can reduce infection caused by the illness and protect against associated illnesses. This can help you to avoid hospitalisation and in some cases it can even prevent death, as most deaths from flu occur in people aged over 65 years.

Immunisation Schedule

HSE Immunisation Schedule

Will immunisations still work if my child doesn’t get them at the right time?

Yes. Most of these vaccines can be given at any age, and a child who misses one injection in a course of injections does not have to start again. The vaccines already given will still work and your child will still develop protection. Just ask your GP (General Practitioner).

If you have any queries or concerns about vaccines please contact the GP or nurse

Travel Vaccine

People who are travelling outside Ireland may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases that are found in other parts of the world. Vaccinations can protect you against becoming infected with a range of serious diseases, such as cholera, yellow fever and tick-borne encephalitis.

In Ireland, there is a childhood vaccination programme that protects against a number of diseases, including tetanus, diphtheria and polio. However, this does not cover most of the infectious disease that are found overseas.

For specific travel advice, including vaccinations and malarial prophylaxis you should phone 01 8490678 to make an appointment with a GP.  This appointment is necessary to assess what vaccinations are required for your travel.