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ECG machine and Spirometer in The Surgery

The surgery now has an ECG machine and a spirometer to improve our care for patients with certain clinical conditions. The ECG machine will help in our care of patients with high blood pressure as well as help in the investigation of patients complaining of chest pain. The spirometer will help with us to monitor […]

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Full Medical and Health screen now available

We now offer a complete and extensive health assessment. This health ‘NCT’ involves a full assessment with the practice nurse to look at your daily activities, lifestyle and diet. A full set of  blood tests are also performed.  An ECG and Spirometry lung fuction tests are also included. Appropriate female/ male health checks are also discussed. Dexa bone scan to […]

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Cervical Smear Service

Free cervical smears tests are now available to women aged 25- 60. In general if you are aged between 25 and 44 you will be advised to have a smear checked every 3 years, and if aged between 45 and 60 you will be advised to have a smear every 5 years.Please arrange an appointment […]

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